Our History

The Seed of Wisdom is the sister chapter of the MOVE Organization. It was created by MOVE founder John Africa in 1977.

During the police raids and violence aimed at the MOVE Organization for it’s revolutionary beliefs, John Africa wanted to get the children away from the confrontational atmosphere in Philadelphia. The majority of the organization’s children were sent to live on farm in Richmond VA. After Mike Africa, Jr. was born at the House of Correction jail, he was taken to the Seed of Wisdom to join the other children. In 1981, the Seed of Wisdom was raided by police and the children were taken and placed in an abusive orphanage. Once retrieving the children the Seed of Wisdom returned to Philadelphia and reunited with their sister chapter.

As an original member of the Seed of Wisdom, Mike Africa, Jr. remained committed to the vision that John Africa had for helping children. From 1996-2004, Mike lead a positive hip hop group called Seeds of Wisdom. Since 2013 he has headed up the annual Seed of Wisdom Summer Games. In 2017 he created the nonprofit Seed of Wisdom. 


Our Belief


Children need help, so help them.